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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

NINA & AIDAN'S SEX TOY REVIEWS - Naughty Boy (by Rocks-Off)

Hello All - We have recently a number of sex toys by HONOUR for a spin and written reviews about each. Here's the first installment. And please remember, if you want to buy one of these at our 15% BiZarre Events discount you will need to click on the link on our website to get the voucher code:

"Here is one for the boys! Aidan is reviewing the Naughty Boy (by Rocks-Off). Nina abstained this time (not for lack of wanting to try but rather for lack of a prostate, mind you). Life just isn’t fair…

Which brings me right to the point – that very hard to reach point in fact, the prostate. Gosh, if done correctly a prostate massage really gets me off like nothing else! Having been lucky enough to have had the pleasure with a few play-partners who kind of knew how to get there I can testify it’s no easy feat. And most importantly (for us boys) I have never been able to actually get there properly myself, by myself.

The Naughty Boy is anatomically designed to hit that spot every time, and to top it off its shape allows for prostate massage as well as a perineum (the area between your scrotum and your anus) massage at the same time. Dual action of the finest sort!

The Naughty Boy is powered by the brilliant 7-speed Bullet, which gives it the vibrating power you are looking for as well as the flexibility to change ‘the tune’ from a strong, steady pace to pulsating waves of pleasure for example.

The manufacturer recommends to simply rock back and forth on it once you’ve inserted Naughty Boy, and I second that (always good to read the manual) not least because it keeps both hands free… ;-)

For some reason I don’t really consider the Naughty Boy an anal toy, although it is of course. The sensations I receive are just not limited to my bum. There’s the direct p-spot stimulation as well as the perineum massage and that really goes beyond what I would have expected.

And boys, if you’re not experienced in playing with your bum then you’ll find this one a very easy fit. They say ‘size doesn’t matter’, but paradoxically in this case it does, and you’ll get a lot of power and pleasure in a comfortably small package.

This one has definitely made it into my favourite toys box!"


Nina & Aidan BiZarre xXx

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