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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Piss Enemas for groups... (technical question)

We LOVE piss enemas!!!

Usually Aidan pisses into Nina anally and/or vaginally and she's receiving it wonderfully.

For Aidan we use either an anal douche (a rubber/plastic bulb with an insertion piece) or alternatively a large kitchen-type funnel. Works a treat, except for that the pressure is obviously much lower than with a cock in Nina's ass. So Aidan has to kind of 'drink' her piss anally...

We're holding our first pan-sexual piss party here in London, UK on May 11th. For that we're planning to get the 'obligatory' funnels but also some sort of soft rubber hoses for anal/vaginal insertion and maybe a 'distributing' connection. That way we can have a single wall-type pissoir which is then connected to more than one receiving person...

Not exactly sure how to construct that as yet, but it'll be mind-blowing. Has any of you done this before (or maybe you have any plumbing-qualifications LOL)? It'd be great to hear from you...

Lots of Love,
Nina & Aidan xXx

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