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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Brand new blog: Kink for Beginners - An introduction to kink & fetish in London & SE UK

This blog is for everyone regardless of race, age, nationality, abilitiy, religion, sex, gender or gender-identity (and that includes those of you who identify as straight of course!), but with a bias towards the LGBTQ+ communities. 

 It is meant to be a starting point for those of you who have an interest in subjects relating to kink and fetish, but who may not have had a chance to explore this realm and/or connect with those already active in 'the scene'.

And a platform for those of you who are already involved in kink and fetish, and who are happy to share their experiences and offer guidance and advise.

We would like to offer a platform for you to make contact, meet up, ask questions and provide answers relating to anything from the most basic ideas and concepts of kink, to informed advice on health, ethical and moral-related issues with regards to kink, fetish and sex.

This blog is also meant to be a liaison between other related groups and communities, and a forum for guest-experts. Also, this space offers a medium for organisers of munches and other kink-related events to talk about their specific propositions.

Please treat this blog as an inclusive and sex-positive platform for open-mided, respectful discussion and intelligent and informative debate. A free and open resource, to be shared.

If you are new to kink and fetish, please feel free to ask ANYTHING without fear of being judged by anyone. If you are already an experienced kinkster please answer to the best of your knowlegde and experience - your views are extremely valuable!

Check it out here:


Aidan & Nina xXx

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