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Saturday, 25 May 2013

QUEER LONDON - Brand New Alternative Fetish Clubbing in London (a review)

A truly new kind of fetish club has arrived in South East London, and it is loud! May 4th 2013 saw the launch of BiZarre Events' latest alternative fetish night QUEER LONDON.

BiZarre Events is an event production company owned and run by Nina & Aidan BiZarre who create these adult parties for experienced fetishists and also for those who are new to 'the scene' and interested to learn and to see how their darker desires might translate into reality. Having grown more and more frustrated with the lack of full-on adult fetish parties catering to the more extreme kinks and fetishes, BiZarre Events' Nina & Aidan are hosting the hottest and most extreme full-on adult fetish parties in London. Private pan-sexual / bisexual kinky extreme​ fetish adult parties for consenting adults with some of the naughtiest, most outrageous, sexiest extreme fetish themes you can imagine, but won't find anywhere else in London. Parties where everyone is welcome, irrespective of their race, sex, gender, gender identity or sexuality!

​All BiZarre events adult parties are explicitly LGBTQ-friendly, Pan-Sexual and everyone is welcome to attend. That means that literally everyone is genuinely welcome, whether straight, bi, lesbian, gay, male, female, transgender, transsexual, gender-fluid, a cross dresser, single, part of a couple or a poly-group.

BiZarre Events parties always focus directly on sex and sexuality, and on meeting and playing with other fetishists in a completely safe, sane, consensual, clean and sexually liberated environment, where everyone is encouraged to express their desires freely and without judgement. The idea behind creating QUEER LONDON was to elaborate on this highly successful concept, and introduce other cultural aspects such as DJs and music, art and performances into the heady mix of fetish sex and sexuality.

The QUEER LONDON opening night saw four very popular and highly creative techno DJs, including the excellent electro noiz-maker, DJ and performer Petra Flurr (especially flown in from Berlin) as well as an absolutely banging 5 hour set by internationally renown DJ, visual and performance artist Franko B, and the fantastic London-based techno DJs WhatDuck and Ariela, all playing exclusively for us at The Flying Dutchman between 11pm and 6am. We also experienced truly mind-blowing visual performances & video art displays by PuppetRepublic on the big screen throughout the night.

The crowd was, as expected, the widest (and wildest) imaginable mix of over 250 beautifully colourful Queer folk of all sexualities, genders and gender identities - all coming together to meet, socialise, dance and play hard! QUEER LONDON offered a unique opportunity for anyone who was there to transcend any formal or social boundaries usually found in any sort of environment where people meet, in or out of the LGBTQ or fetish scenes. Sexy people of all adult ages, abilities, colours, nationalities, sexes and sexualities met and partied hard together and all night, in a welcoming, warm, friendly and intelligent environment without 'attitude'.

The QUEER LONDON opening night was the very successful start of a refreshing alternative to 'regular' fetish clubbing in London. And extremely encouraging for Nina & Aidan to continue with their philosophy of creating the sexiest, most open-minded and creative dance and alternative fetish, full-on play-space in London, with a baseline of total inclusiveness of all races, adult ages, genders and sexualities. The next QUEER LONDON will be on Saturday July 13th 2013, and bi-monthly from then on.

QUEER LONDON is promoting non-judgemental diversity in alternative nightlife through liberated, intelligent and consensual expression of sexuality and gender.​

More information can be found on the QUEER LONDON website:

More information about BiZarre Events' other nights can be found at:

Photography by Eleonora Cecchini

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