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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hello All - Yes, these parties do exist of course, although the 'quality' of the events varies dramatically. It is very, very important to be specific about what you are looking for, and then to do a thorough research, read reviews and ask those who have attended previous events. There are many internet platforms that include a forum for these topic discussions (Fabswingers, FetLife, SDC, Erolife, etc).

We organise our own regular events in London. Our parties tend to be very successful affairs with between 50-80 people (singles & couples) of all genders, sexualities and orientations attending. The events we host are fetish parties, but with us there is no dress code (who are we to say what is and what isn't a valid fetish). We try to do things a little different.

Basically we organise the kind of party we as a bisexual M/F couple would love to attend ourselves - but obviously this is only our very own subjective idea. So, again it is very important to vet the event you are considering to attend as to whether you think it offers the right environment, with the right kind of people, with the right mind-set and attitude...

But most importantly, don't be scared, don't take yourself too seriously, feel free and make sure you'll have fun (because that's what these parties are for of course).

Lots of Love,

Nina & Aidan xXx
BiZarre Events - London's Most Extreme Fetish Sex Parties!

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